Credit Counseling Services

Below is a list of approved Credit Counseling Services. The fee for this service can range from $30 for individuals to $50 for couples and can be done by phone or the internet. Credit Counseling must be completed prior to filing your case. You will receive a certificate upon completion which is required to be filed with your bankruptcy. You may have the counseling agency fax your certificate to our office at 817-358-9988. If you are filing jointly both husband and wife must be included in the counseling. We recommend you do the counseling after you have completed our questionnaire because the information requested by the counseling agency will be readily available.

The Mesquite Group, Inc.
877-769-4069 or 817-769-4060

Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Eduaction — Access Counseling, Inc.

Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas, Inc.

Consumer Credit Counseling of North Central Texas

Abacus Credit Counseling

Money Mangement International

Hummingbird Credit Counseling and Education, Inc.

For a complete list of all approved agencies go to: